Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another of my favorite creations in my life size Quilled Blue Morpho butterfly that I made in 2005. I won a couple of awards in the Masters division at the Calgary Stampede. I cut all of the 1/16" strips myself for it. These pics are of the top and bottom of the butterfly. They are both the same butterfly, not 2 different ones! I also added real pics of an actual Blue Morpho to them so you can see whata real one looks like.

Welcome to my Creations!

Greetings Everyone and welcome to my Blog! I am Doreen, & have been Paper Quilling since October 2001. To date I have won 16 awards for my Quilling. I specialize in handmade cards, but also do framed pieces, and ornaments. Besides the beautiful art of Paper Quilling, I like to add other creative techniques, such as punched flowers, paper embroidery, Ornare (paper pricking), embossing, chalking, etc... I hope you enjoy my creations! I am currnetly on a design team at , and I teach paper quilling at a local paper arts store Called Paper Pastimes, . This first picture is a picture of a Quilled peacock that I designed and made in 2004. I won 3 awards for it. It took me so many hours to complete. Please come back to see more, and thanks for checking out my Blog!