Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stampede 2011 Western Arts & Crafts Entry!

I think last year was only the second year I hadn’t entered anything into the Western Arts & Crafts Showcase at the Calgary Stampede since I started quilling.  So this year, I really wanted to get an entry made for it.  I was still so busy and stressed about getting ready for my cruise in July that I almost didn’t get a card made.  I made a Quilled snowflake Christmas card, using  silver holographic edged paper.  The Merry Christmas peel off is actually silver, but look gold in the  photgraph.  The background is embossed on an Arctic white, pearl paper.  I took it in just a week or so before I went on the cruise.  

The Stampede started on July 8th, and I left on July 6th, so I had no idea how I did until I got back, and went there on the 16th.  To my surprise, I won first place in the card make class, and 3rd place in the Paper arts section overall!!!  I was shocked, because, since they changed the format for the section awards, and started offering cash prizes, I had not won a section award.  So, to get 3rd in section was really pleasing, especially with a $100 prize to go with my 1st place ribbon!  As I've said before, picture don't do any justice, or show the wonderful color reflections on this holographic paper.  
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Easel Cards & Something Fishy....

My brother has always loved fish, so I decided to quill him a tropical fish for his 50th birthday card. I quilled a Powder Blue Tang, which turned out quite well, and he was really pleased with it. This card is an easel card, which has become one of my favourite card styles to quill on. You can view instructions on how to make the easel card here:
They lend themselves well for quilling!
 I also made this quilled get well easel card for a friend who had surgery. I used light pink and blue for the flower, to match the blue and pink card.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Just Goes By Too Fast

I just don't know where all the time has gone! In the Spring I booked a cruise to Alaska. It was to be a quilling cruise, so I just couldn’t resist! I continued to make cards, as I prepared for the cruise. More about the cruise, in future posts.

This first card, is a birthday card, I did by special request for a friend of mine’s sisters birthday, who decorates baked goods, and loves tea. I quilled a teapot using Pat Caputo’s design as inspiration and then, quilled a small teacup, cup cake, and folded rose. There is a theme to this, as the printed insert I made, has a picture, of a cupcake decorated, with a tiny teacup, teapot, and rose on it.
This second one, was made for my same friend’s niece’s 2nd birthday. I made a teddy bear, using a pattern from Diane Boden Crane’s Quilled Greeting Cards book, and had it hold, a little cake with 2 candles, and 2 balloons. She also loves ladybugs, so I just had to add one of them too! All comments welcome!