Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspired From a Simple Picture

These cards were inspired from a sticker that I have. I did my best to make it as close to the picture as possible for the 1st one. Then, I made 2 similar cards with 1/16" narrow strips, and slight

This one I did for one of my Design Team projects, at www.customquillingbydenise.com last May 2009. Next to it is the sample picture I was inspired by.

This one was for a special order, all done with 1/16" narrow strips.

This one was made for a friend's birthday. I just made a variation of the original, all in narrow paper again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

After months of not making time to post, I am finally back, and going to do my best to keep this blog more up to date! It has been a very busy year, with some really sad moments, that I haven't been able to get over. However, I have come to realize that I should keep busy, and still do my best to do the things I love, like my quilling and card making. These newest pictures are of thank you cards that I made for some people who generously helped when my sweet little 4 yr old great niece Madison passed away on July 31st, 2009. Making the cards helped keep me busy, and it was a way that I could also somehow contribute. So here are some of them, and I will also post some other pieces that i have recently finished as well. I hope you all enjoy my designs, and you are welcome to leave your comments.
Thanks, Doreen
This 1st one was done all with 1/16" narrow strips, which I am really taking a liking to. The 2nd one, I used a 1/4" dowel to make the petals. , just for a simple, but different look. I do all of the embossing of the frames by hand, which just adds enough to enhance the quilling.

Pearl peach roses, and a few leaves and scrolls, were just enough elegance for this card. The squares are mounted with foam dots. The gold metallic scatter fringed flowers are great for a masculine card.

For this one, I watercolored the leaf peel-offs, then I quilled a leaf similar to the peal off design. The paper is gold edged, but hard to see in the picture. The pink one is a card that i cut using a die cut machine at a local scrapbook store. I love this diecut, but sadly the store is closing. I've been going there and cutting as many as I can for a future supply :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adding More Pictures Before I Re-format My PC!

Back to more freezing cold weather... and trying to keep warm! I can hardly wait for Spring to arrive! So, I am about to re-formay my pc, which is a huge undertaking for me...but it continues to give me major problems, so I am formatting as a last resort...Wish me luck! Since I will be erasing all data, and pics, I thought I would add a few more just in case, I don't get on here for a while.... I spent hours today backing up all of my precious files and pictures... I hope I am doing it all right!

So, as I mentioned I thought I would add pics of my quilled musical instruments. I have made a grand piano, 3 guitars, and a violin/fiddle... These were all custom orders.... and all were happy with the results!

The piano took sooo long to complete, but when it was finished, I almost wished that I could have kept it. I did it all in pearl papers, and there are 88 fringed keys, along with actual printed music sheets (the wonders of computers!) . The violin, was my first stringed instruments, so I went through some challenges with it, but was really happy with the results. Stringing it with metallic thread took a long time!

This piece was a special custom order for a Christmas gift. The same poem was requested as in the piano piece. The guitar turned out very well, as it should have, being that it was my third one! I even handmade the small Bible, including the tiny quilled cross on the cover. Again, stringing the guitar, took almost as long as all of the quilling on it.....

Well, I'd better get back to fixing my pc. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more pics to share. I am going to add some newer ones, as well as some older pieces.... Please check back often, and you're welcome to leave comments too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some More of My Older Creations

Finally a break in the cold winter weather! Right now it's 11degrees Celsius or 52 F! I would like to continue to share some of my older designs with you. This is a card I made by request for a birthday. I'm including pics of the actual edelweiss flower to compare them. I have sooo many pictures I could add, but I'll just add a few more older ones, and then I'll start with more current designs. Next time, I add my quilled musical instruments. Enjoy!

This one is an Iris plaque that I made for my mom.

These are a few things that I have quilled for friends.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another of my favorite creations in my life size Quilled Blue Morpho butterfly that I made in 2005. I won a couple of awards in the Masters division at the Calgary Stampede. I cut all of the 1/16" strips myself for it. These pics are of the top and bottom of the butterfly. They are both the same butterfly, not 2 different ones! I also added real pics of an actual Blue Morpho to them so you can see whata real one looks like.

Welcome to my Creations!

Greetings Everyone and welcome to my Blog! I am Doreen, & have been Paper Quilling since October 2001. To date I have won 16 awards for my Quilling. I specialize in handmade cards, but also do framed pieces, and ornaments. Besides the beautiful art of Paper Quilling, I like to add other creative techniques, such as punched flowers, paper embroidery, Ornare (paper pricking), embossing, chalking, etc... I hope you enjoy my creations! I am currnetly on a design team at http://www.customquillingbydenise.com/ , and I teach paper quilling at a local paper arts store Called Paper Pastimes, http://www.paperpastimes.com/ . This first picture is a picture of a Quilled peacock that I designed and made in 2004. I won 3 awards for it. It took me so many hours to complete. Please come back to see more, and thanks for checking out my Blog!