Friday, May 7, 2021

So much has happened since I last post!  I was hoping to keep a chronilogical update, but there is just too much, to go on about.  My dad passed away shortly after I last started posting, That was just the start of many different life changing events.  So eventually, I'll catch up on posting my work from the last 5 or so years.  Here are some more recent pictures, that I would like to share.  You can also view  all of my newest artwork on my instagram.

These are my most recent pieces:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

2013 Christmas Cards

The last cards from 2013 are all Christmas cards.  Some are quilled & others are heat embossed. 

This one is a Jane Jenkins pattern, and is one of my favorites designs.  The embossing really adds to it.  I did a similar one back in 2010.

This one is another popular card I make, that is my own design adapted from an embroidered towel.  It simply consists of spirals and scrolls.

This one as well is quilled spirals and marquise shapes.  I designed this from a store bought Christmas card as inspiration.

I may have posted one similar to this as well, paper pierced using and Ornare pattern, embellished with peel offs, with a quilled poinsettia, and fringed spirals. 

This is absolutely one of my favorites!  My design for this quilled ornament on the card comes from the embossing folder I used.  Jane Jenkins` gold gilded papers are perfectly elegant for the quilling on this card, which is a huge favorite at my craft sales in the past.

These next 2 are both quilled snowflake cards.  The one with red card is embellished with Stickles glitter, and the other one is Jane Jenkins white holographic edged strips, which are my favorite! 

 The next 2 are my die cut tree with scrolls and quilled holly, with a merry Christmas embossed background, and another poinsettia card with gold gilded red and green strips, from Jane Jenkins` papers on gold pearl card and the same embossing folder as the tree card.

Last for quilled is Mother Mary and baby Jesus, again designed by Jane Jenkins.  It is another popular one.  I think I may have shown this one before, but in this one I used bright white gilded papers for the halos and star, and the background is embossed.

And finally these last five cards are all embossed and heat embossed stamps, and die cut.  These are some of my favorite Christmas stamps, because of the filigree designs that they have.



Summer 2013

These next 4 cards are of a birthday card, another sympathy card, and a farewell card and a Christmas card.  I made them in the summer months of 2013. 

The birthday card was for my Aunty Mary`s 85th birthday.  This is my mom`s sister, who has the same name as their Aunt that I talked about in my last post. 

The sympathy card was for my cousin, when my dad’s sister passed away.  She was another wonderful woman.

This is the farewell card, for our parish priest, who was leaving our church, to take courses in Roman, before returning to our city`s cathedral.

The Christmas card was an entry for the Calgary Stampede, I got 3rd place for it!  I have this great Christmas tree die set of 2 dies. One is plain solid, and the other is scrolls that you can use on its own, or stacked.  I did 2 stacked, in gold metallic card, and then a 3rd plain one, which I quilled on.  I used pearl metallic twinkling H2Os paint on the edges of the quilling.  The card is made from an envelope, and is a money/gift card holder.  And complete with an embellished envelope, as with most of my cards….

Front of card

Inside of card

Front of envelope

May 2013 Sympathy Cards

In April 2013 we lost a well-loved family member in my mom`s family.  My great Aunt Mary, who was 104 years old, and just 5 months short of her 105th birthday.  She lived an amazing life, and was loved by all who knew her.  She was generous and gave of herself right up until the day she passed away.  She knitted hats for the homeless, close to 2500, and finished her last one the night before she died.  She was an absolute delight, and joy to be around, and every so inspiring!  These 3 cards were sympathy cards that I made when she passed away.  A couple of the designs, I have used before for other cards, so you can see how versatile these designs can be, especially when in a pinch to get something nice and meaningful done in a short time.

#1 classic peach roses, with cream linen card and embossed frame.

#2 light blue forget-me-not with embossed blue pearl cardstock.  This is a cherry blossom pattern, but in blue it looks like forget-me-nots.

 #3 a pink pearl rose on a die cut diamond, on embossed linen card. 

2013 Thank You & and Glitter Birthday Cards

In February 2013, my mom at age 79 had to have a kidney removed due to cancer, which was a stressful time for all of us.  She eventually came through it okay, but it was quite a few weeks of recovery, and trying to get her to take it easy.  Thankfully, her remaining kidney, is still okay, with no signs of cancer.  These 2 cards were for her doctor, and the nursing staff.  The one with the glittered dragonflies was for her nursing unit, and the one with the quilled dragonfly was for her urologist, who she had for 32 years, until he retired in 2015.

This 3rd card is a glitter birthday card that I made for my sister.  I like working with glitter, but it can be so messy. If the air is dry, which is often the case in our place, the glitter flies everywhere!

2013 Accreditation Piece

2013, was an exciting year for my quilling, as I received my Accreditation with the NAQG!  It took me so long to get both parts of my project done.  There were 2 separate stages.  The first one was a shape chart, with specific shapes, and sizes, in a specific color which was shades of blue.  I got it as perfect as I could with my limited vision.  The second stage was the quilled design, having to include specific shapes and techniques.  Then I also had to give a detailed write up, on where I used those shapes and techniques.  There were some times when I got a little stressed out, & even worried that wouldn`t pass, but it was all worth it.  This is my Butterfly & Dragonfly Garden.  I now have it framed in an oak shadow box, but still haven`t taken a picture of it in the frame. 

Christmas 2012

All that I’ve got left from 2012, is a couple of Christmas cards.   I only managed to get a couple made with all that was going on.   Also, I had to focus on starting my Accreditation projects for the North American Quilling Guild (NAQG). 

Both cards are again my easel cards.  –A simple snowman…, and a fairly simple snowflake card….


This pretty much finally catches me up for 2012!  
2013, is coming next…..