Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspired From a Simple Picture

These cards were inspired from a sticker that I have. I did my best to make it as close to the picture as possible for the 1st one. Then, I made 2 similar cards with 1/16" narrow strips, and slight

This one I did for one of my Design Team projects, at www.customquillingbydenise.com last May 2009. Next to it is the sample picture I was inspired by.

This one was for a special order, all done with 1/16" narrow strips.

This one was made for a friend's birthday. I just made a variation of the original, all in narrow paper again.


Yogi said...

glad to see you back blogging, BIG GRIN.
all the cards are really beautiful.

quillingsnagela said...

Your works are beautiful, I'm very impressed!

Suzana said...

Doreen, all of these cards are just beautiful but the best is the one you made for a special order with a dragonfly.