Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally! Individual pictures of Demo Samples and Descriptions!

Finally I have posted individual pictures of my demo sample, with descriptions of them!  May and June were crazy around here.  I had a banquet, and then 3 wedding from June 19th to July third, plus some special card orders to get ready.  Eventually I'll get pictures posted...I hope you enjoy the  demo samples!

Card #1 Tools used:

Quilling slotted tool, Tacky glue

5 petal teardrop flower and shaped marquise leaves, with open scroll tendrils, using the slotted tool. Embossed with Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder on punched scalloped oval, and Victoria folder for background.



Card #2 Tools used:

Slotted quilling tool & crimping tool, Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” glue.

White scalloped oval stuck on pink card with the Sookwang double sided tape, & then embossed with the Cuttlebug Victoria folder. I Pearl 1/8” crimped strips, along the short sides. ¼” wide white pearls strips crimped for the bow and 1/8” silver quill-trim strips for the bells.

Card #3 Tools used:

Quilling needle tool & crimping tool & amp; Tacky glue.

White scalloped punched square embossed with Cuttlebug Candy Cane Stripes folder. Background embossed with Birds & Swirls folder. I used the crimper for the Sunflower center, leaves, and corners. The petals were made with the needle tool. I used Stardust clear gel pen to highlight the flower center.


Card #4 Tools used:

Fringing Clip, El’s Scissors, slotted tool, and needle tool. Tacky glue & Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” glue.

Scalloped punched oval, and background debossed with Victoria folder at same time, and then oval mounted with foam tape. Corner flowers are Paplin’s graduated ¼” wide strips, fringed with clip and scissors, and then rolled with slotted tool. The leaves made with needle tool. The larger flower is 3/8” pink pearl strip with a 1/8” wide white strip for center. Fringed using clip, and scissors, and then rolled with the slotted tool. Leaves are made with the Alternate Side Looping technique.

Card #5 Tools used:

Needle tool, Designer/circle sizer board, pins, and tacky glue.

Punched scalloped oval on pink background that was embossed with flower border folder, from Cuttlebug Just My Type set. 5 petal flower leaves & scrolls made with the needle tool. The petals are eccentric teardrops made by using the designer board/circle sizer, and offsetting the center of coils (using pins), then gluing. Once glue is dry, shaping into teardrops.

Card # 6 Tool’s used:

Needle tool & El’s scissors, & Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” glue.

2 punched scalloped squares layered, and mounted onto background that was embossed using Cuttlebug Divine Swirls folder. Roses made with the needle tool. Large on is ¼” pink pearl, the small ones are 1/8” pink pearl. The large leaves are fringed using El’s scissors (scissors like tweezers), and the small leaves are marquise shapes made with needle tool.

Card # 7 Tools used:

Needle tool, Designer/circle sizer board, pins, and tacky glue.

Black card is embossed with Cuttlebug Oriental Weave folder, and mounted on pink card. The teardrop shapes of the butterfly are eccentric coils made using the designer board/circle sizer, and offsetting the center of coils (using pins), then gluing. Once glue is dry, shaping into teardrops. Open scrolls and body are made All scrolls and coils rolled with the needle tool. The paper is from Lake City Touch of Gold mixed pack. Colors are pink & black.

Card #8 Tools used:

Quilling Comb/Onion Holder & Needle tool, & tacky glue.

Plain white punched scalloped square, mounted on plain lilac card. The corners and wings of humming bird are made with the quilling comb/onion holder. The head and body are made with the needle tool. *This bird is from Quilled Creations quilling comb kit.

Card # 9 Tools used:

Quilling Needle tool, ¼” dowel, tacky glue.
Lake City touch of Gold Ivory strips. Foam tape

Teardrops are quilled around a ¼’ wide dowel. The leaves, scrolls & flower center are made with the needle tool. I mounted it onto a punched oval, that I had first done the edge in gold then it is mounted using foam tape onto the embossed (Victoria folder) piece which I used a brillo stomper to add some gold flecks, but they don’t show up well in the picture. The embossing was mounted with double sided tape. 


Helen said...

These are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

Nagela said...

I am delighted with their jobs. They are beautiful, creative, gentle ...

TCBOTB said...

Hello! I'm glad everything worked out with your background. If you would like Lyndzi to help you do a 3 column blog she can contact her at

Anonymous said...

all are cute but card 7 is my fav :)
Found you at another blog :) Love the template ya chose