Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 2012 Cards and Projects!

After winning those 3 awards for my 2012 entries, it helped restore some confidence that I lost from losing my vision in my left eye.  As I’ve been going through my pictures, I see I made quite a few cards shortly after that.  It didn’t seem like that many, but I guess it was. All of these ones were made in August 2012.

This is a simple card I did for a birthday which has pearl peach roses, and light pearl green leaves…. 

And this one has a similar layout to one I did before, only it has the embossed corners, which really add to the design.  It was for a special order.

For these birthday cards, I used and onion holder to make all of the petals of the flower in 2 shades of purple.  It gives quite a different look.

The 2nd birthday card is the same technique with the onion holder.  The petals are a light soft yellow & light very light aqua. The fringed center is the same colors rolled together using 1/8” strips as well.  The leaves, wheat-ears, and hummingbird wings are also made with the onion holder.

Now this one, I did for a friend’s 50th anniversary.  I used English gold edged strips for all of it.  Unfortunately, the shiny gold edges don't show up very well in my picture.

The last project I made in August 2012 was a paper embroidered Winnie the Pooh with him sitting in a bunch of quilled flowers, while a quilled butterfly flies towards his nose.  I made it for my 2nd great niece’s 1st birthday.  I was so pleased with how it turned out; I almost didn’t want to part with it!  

Okay that’s mainly what I did that summer, as less than a week after that (August 24th, 2012), there was a fire in the apartment next to us!  We didn’t have any fire damage, but we did have a lot of smoke damage.  Thankfully, all of my paper and supplies, had no lasting damage, and Bill put an air cleaner from his work in there right away. 

I could go on about the whole experience about the fire, but I won’t too much, except that, even though we didn’t have much damage, it was still frightening, and a little traumatizing waiting out in our car while the firefighters put out the fire, wondering if it was spreading to our unit, and if we would still have our home...our belongings.... Then, finding out it was caused by careless smoking on a couch!  Thank goodness our building is all concrete!  You will hear more about what we went through in posts to come…

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straydog said...

I am very sorry to read of your vision trouble. I hope it has not caused you more trouble. Your quilling creations are very lovely.