Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas Cards Made in 2010

These are some new designs I made this last year. Christmas cards are some of my favourites to make. This first one is a type of origami fold Christmas tree (I learned in a card making and techniques group that I belong to) made from mulberry papers, and embellished with stickles. The quilled star is gilded paper, and I like how the Cuttlebug snowflakes folder is laid out for the star to sit in the center of that particular snowflake.

The second & third ones are my quilled holly & scroll trees. These are fun to make, and endless in possibilities. They are a triangle collar, filled with scrolls, and quilled holly leaves, with red rhinestones for the berries. The stars are gilded paper.

One more thing, there is a quilling paper giveaway at , and fabulous article /interview with Diane Boden new co-owner of JJ Quilling Designs.  Wonderful pictures too! Check it out!

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