Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's been a long time!

After a much needed break from posting online, I am giving it a go again.  I just got caught up in life, and  needed some time away.   I spent last fall getting ready for a few Christmas sales, which went fairly well, but as I say , they can always be better too!  I sold lots of quilled ornaments, and bookmarks, a long with friendship bags, but not too many cards.  This was a shock, as I sell quite a few privately, so thought I would sell lots at my sales... Oh well, on the bright side, I have a nice stock made :). 

Someone Special card: For the flower, I used peach colored strips wrapped around a dowel, and then shaped like a grape roll to give added dimension with a pearl to finish it off in the center.  The leaves and scrolls are light green, and then I added little quilled pegs in the corners.  This is a simple faster design that can be used for many different occasions. 

For the birthday card I used light yellow and aqua colored strips.  The fringed center is both colors, made from 1/8” strips rolled together.  The leaves are a moss green color, both quilled and alternate side looped.

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Nágela said...

It's been a long time. I'm glad you're back with beautiful works. Be welcome back!