Sunday, September 11, 2016

2013 Accreditation Piece

2013, was an exciting year for my quilling, as I received my Accreditation with the NAQG!  It took me so long to get both parts of my project done.  There were 2 separate stages.  The first one was a shape chart, with specific shapes, and sizes, in a specific color which was shades of blue.  I got it as perfect as I could with my limited vision.  The second stage was the quilled design, having to include specific shapes and techniques.  Then I also had to give a detailed write up, on where I used those shapes and techniques.  There were some times when I got a little stressed out, & even worried that wouldn`t pass, but it was all worth it.  This is my Butterfly & Dragonfly Garden.  I now have it framed in an oak shadow box, but still haven`t taken a picture of it in the frame. 

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