Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Adventure In 3D Quilling!

3D quilling is something I never thought I would care to try. I have seen some that I don’t like the look of at all, and then I have seen some that are just amazing; such as Sherry Rodehaver’s 3D quilling, and most recently this site, which I believe is a Korean blog. No one seems to know whose site it is, but check it out, as the miniatures are absolutely amazing!  Well, all of the quilling on there is awesome, not just the miniatures! 
Besides my Blue Morpho butterfly that I made in 3D, I made a quilled tractor twice, once on a birthday card, and once in a shadow box frame. It was very dimensional, but was not a free standing item. When Sherry saw it, she started to try and talk me into doing 3D quilling. This is my second tractor that I made for an order back in 2006. It is my own original design.

I have a good online quilling friend named Sherry Rodehaver. She does beautiful quilling, especially in 3D! She has been encouraging me for years to try 3D quilling. So, with her help, I finally completed my first 3D miniature. I have done 3D butterflies and such, but nothing quite like this. This is Sherry's design, and after making it, I have an even greater admiration for her work. It is a hen in a teacup, from her Teacup Critters Collection. It took me a few years to complete. Sherry and I used to chat fairly often on yahoo instant messaging. It was through there, that she had given me basic instructions. I made the big pieces, and put them aside, and then I got busy with other things, and didn't get back to it. Then, when I wanted to complete it, I realised, I didn't have my chat messages archived anymore, due to reformatting my pc, twice since then... So, I had no recollection of the lengths for the comb, beak, and feet, which make the whole project! Then a couple of weeks ago, I caught up with Sherry on Yahoo again, and she generously provided me with my measurements again. So, I finished it last Friday, and this is the result, of my little hen in a teacup.  It stands just 1 1/2" tall.  Please check out Sherry's ebay store at: She sells various items for quilling and  punched flowers. 


Regina said...

WOW Doreen!!! Your minuature is wonderful!!! I love it.

Karthika Sen said...

Awesome... very nice...
Visit my blog if you have time

Sukanya Joshi said...

Your works so great. I am a beginner and found this site when searched for 3d-quilling.
I have tried some works Please give some feedback if you get some time.